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This is the direct sales outlet of Nishiyama Sake Brewery.
We offer a wide range of products including fresh sake unique to the brewery, shochu, liqueurs, non-alcoholic drinks, and more. The interior, adorned with tools used in traditional sake brewing, is also a highlight of the store, designated as a registered tangible cultural property. Please enjoy leisurely shopping here.

Opening hours: 

9:00 AM to 5:30 PM


Only on New Year Days

Experience List

Sake Tasting


In the historical space once visited by numerous literati and scholars, indulge in a moment of relaxation. At the shop,
you can sample recommended sake from the brewery.

  • Sake Tasting

    ¥440~  per glass

  • Sake Tasting Set (3 varieties)


  • Distilled Sake Tasting Set (3 varieties)


  • Liqueur Tasting Set (4 varieties)


Sake brewery tours


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a living brewery, where you can appreciate haiku once penned by former brewers and explore numerous cultural artifacts. For those who wish to delve deeper into the culture and history of Nishiyama Sake Brewery.

Fee: ¥4,950 per session (up to people per session)
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Capacity: 1 person to 40 people
(For groups larger than 11, please inquire)
Reservation: Required at least 3 business days in advance
※ Visiting inside the brewery is not available.

Paired Course


We offer a unique culinary experience blending Japanese sake with seasonal ingredients from Tanba and Tanba-yaki pottery, guided personally by the artisans themselves. This exclusive event takes place in the traditional Japanese tatami room of the registered tangible cultural property, the main house, which is not usually open to the public.

Price: ¥16,500 per person
※ An additional room fee of ¥33,000 applies.

Capacity: 4 guests

Reservation: Required at least 7 days in advance

※All prices are tax included.

Sake Festival


Direct sales of seasonal sake available at the brewery,
Two days are held each month.
We welcome you with a variety of fun events.

  • Feb.

    Kesashibori Sake Festival

  • Mar.

    Junmai Kesashibori Sake Festival

  • Oct.

     Syoteshibori Sake Festival

  • Nov.

    Eto Label Sake Festival

  • Dec.

    Saimatsu Housya Fuku Sake Festival

Please check our SNS and blog for updates on details.Reservations are not required.

To travel agencies

Please inquire at this counter
for reservations and various experiences.